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The Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatments

Be sure to discuss matters with your doctor before any therapy begins…
While there are many treatments for breast cancer, some of them have unwelcome side effects which can’t be avoided. Each individual reacts differently to the various cancer treatments, so you may suffer from several of the following side effects or none at all.

The effects detailed below are just some of the possible side effects when being treated for breast cancer. Be sure to discuss matters with your doctor before any therapy begins; so that you fully understand how your body will likely react.

Woman Who Lost Hair Due to Cancer Treatment

Hair Loss & Thinning

A very common side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss and extreme thinning. Typically, hair will begin to regrow approximately two weeks after chemo is completed.

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Woman with Skin Rash Due to Cancer Treatment

Skin & Nails

Skin rashes and itchiness are a common side effect of breast cancer treatment; while it is also not uncommon to experience brittle, slow growing, and even complete loss of fingernails and toenails.

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Woman Suffering Weakened Immune System Due to Cancer Treatment

Weakened Immune System

Most patients who undergo breast cancer treatment will experience some form of weakened immune system, which can lead to being more susceptible to infectious diseases and illnesses.

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Woman Undergoing Breast Reconstruction After Cancer Treatment

Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer patients who’ve undergone a mastectomy will typically require reconstructive surgery to rebuild the breast(s) to its original form.

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Woman Requiring Nipple Reconstruction Due to Cancer Treatment

Nipple Reconstruction

Many women who undergo treatment for breast cancer experience nipple loss along with breast mass loss. Under these circumstances, many patients decide to have nipple reconstruction surgery.

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Woman Suffering Throat Sores Due to Cancer Treatment

Mouth & Throat Sores

Another common side effect of chemotherapy is sores in the mouth and throat, which can last throughout the chemo therapy treatment phase.

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